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About Kairos

Calling of Kairos

In 1976 the first 3½‐day Weekend was held, and in 1979, the name “Kairos” was adopted and the ministry became an independent, non‐profit, Christian organization based on the Cursillo movement. “Kairos” is a New Testament Greek term that means “God’s Special Time” often expressed in scripture as “in the fullness of time”.

Core Kairos Programs

Kairos Inside for Incarcerated Men and Women 
The Kairos Inside program strategy brings positive and negative leaders of the institution together for a 3½‐day Weekend of carefully coordinated talks, discussions, chapel meditations, and music led by a same‐gender team of volunteers. The Kairos program concept is to build the Christian community inside the institution where the Kairos Community prays and fellowships together on a regular basis. These are called “Prayer‐and‐Share” Groups, which meet weekly. The free‐world Kairos community also returns monthly for a “Reunion” of the entire Kairos community.

Kairos Outside for Women of the Incarcerated
Kairos Outside is conducted outside the walls of correctional institutions. Kairos Outside is a special Weekend retreat designed to support the female relatives/friends of the men and women who are or have been incarcerated. Families “do time” right along with their incarcerated relatives/friends. In a safe environment with loving people, women interact with women who are in similar situations and learn to form small groups to give them strength for the challenges they face.

Kairos Torch for Youth
Kairos Torch offers unconditional love and acceptance, encouraging young men and women to share their life journey through participation in a long term mentoring process. The program begins with a Weekend retreat in the prison. Torch team members commit to a weekly mentoring process with the youthful offenders for six months after the Weekend.

Kairos is an International Prison Ministry

United States – 34 States

Nine Countries
    •  Australia
    •  Canada
    •  Costa Rica
    •  Dominican Republic
    •  Honduras
    •  Nicaragua
    •  Peru
    •  South Africa
    •  United Kingdom
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