How You Can Help

     Ways that you can show the love of Christ to the re sidents of the Lynaugh,  next upcoming Kairos weekend.



    Prayer is the foundation of everything that we do.  Pray for the residents that they may come to know Jesus Christ as Lord!  If you can commit to praying during the 3-day weekend, have your name added to our prayer vigil by emailing our Kairos weekend leader at  Each name is put on a link in a paper chain that is stretched around the prison gym during the weekend to demonstrate the cloud of witnesses praying for the participants during the Kairos weekend.  This chain seems to get longer each Kairos weekend, stretching more than 3 times around the gym!


One of the greatest joys is to serve as a Kairos volunteer.  Men can serve as inside volunteers for both the 3-day weekend and to facilitate weekly prayer and share meetings.  For the weekend to be a success we also need a sizable outside support team.  Please see details concerning our upcoming Kairos Weekend!


Attending a closing ceremony at the end of a 3-day weekend provides an excellent introduction to the Kairos ministry.  Come see what God has done!  Both men and women are welcome to attend closing.

The closing ceremony for Kairos #39 is on Sunday, April 29th at approximately 2 PM.  All closing attendees must be approved beforehand.  For more information on attending, see the closing letter and closing application on the details page for the upcoming Kairos weekend for more information.
Please go to the download page to see an example.


There is an incredible need for homemade cookies.  More than 2000 dozen cookies are required for the weekend.  Not only are the cookies served at the tables, but we also bring agape love to all the residents and corrections officers at the unit by providing each with a dozen cookies.  All cookies should be freshly baked.  Cookies must be prepared by very specific instructions:
  • Cookies baked for Kairos must follow these instructions carefully to be allowed in the institution
  • You can also submit an order form with payment to allow Stepping Stone Ministry to bake cookies for the Kairos weekend
  • Bake chocolate chip cookies using this recipe (be sure to select "Actual Size" option when printing in Adobe Reader for accurate cookie size guide). Please go to the download page to see an example,


    During the weekend, we present agape posters to the participants.  These posters can be created by individuals, families, Sunday School classes, and other groups.  The posters must not have glitter, glue or paste.  It is best to use only markers or colored pencils to do agape posters.  Posters should somehow depict God's love and include the name of the individual or group giving the poster (for children, first names only, please).  Posters created by a group should be signed by each member of the group.
Please go to the download page to see an example.


   Several meals are provided to Kairos participants during the weekend.  Placemats drawn by young children distributed at each meal stir the hearts of the participants, many of whom are missing their own young children during their incarceration.  Placemats must not have glitter, glue or paste.  Sunday School classes can make drawing Kairos placemats a special project.  Placemats depicting a simple message of God's love may be drawn using crayons, pencils or markers and may include a child's first name and age only.  The preferred placemat size is 11"x17". Please go to the download page to see an example


      A Kairos weekend costs thousands of dollars to conduct, approximately $150 for each of the 42 participants plus volunteer travel and lodging costs.  One way we offset these costs is through selling "Meal Tickets".  If you know a Kairos volunteer, please offer to buy one or more meal tickets at $5 apiece.  When you do so, you not only support the Kairos ministry, but participants know of your love and support as they receive meal tickets sponsored by you. Please go to the download page to see an example


If you would like to support the ministry but can't or do not wish to serve on a team, we are also looking for individual and business sponsors wishing to help fund the work of this ministry.  If interest.
You can also mail your tax-deductible contribution to:
PO Box 50002
Midland, TX 79710